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Meet The Owner:
Quiana Bradford

"Dream Big or Go Home" is my motto. Thank you for checking out Women Unplugged Entertainment LLC. I have loved entertainment ever since I was a little girl from St. Louis, MO. I started off as a dancer at six years old. I joined my school choir at the age of eight years old until my senior year in high school. In addition, participated in few pageants, played sports and joined the freshmen step team in college. I graduated with a B.A. in Psychology from Clark Atlanta University. 


After college, I worked for an Information Technology company for nine years. Started at the lowest position in the company worked myself up to one of the highest managerial positions at the local site. Although, I was at my highest point career wise, I knew that my purpose was not still not met.


 I started my first company called weVIP LLC which was a social media management company turned into a production company.I quit my job at the Information Technology Company to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams. I started focusing on my company, producing live shows such as battle rap competitions, dance competitions and music showcases. However, my lack of persistence on the direction of the company led me close it in 2019. Following the company closing, I worked a few side hustles just to support my family financially, but still never let go of my entrepreneurial dreams. 


Late one night, I had a dream to start a podcast. A dream which turned to a vision so I decided to take a chance and start Women Unplugged Podcast in March 2020. Later, I started Women Unplugged Entertainment LLC in May 2020 as a safe space for my creative ideas and for people to enjoy them while providing opportunities for talent/creatives. I truly believe in not giving up on anything that brings happiness so I continue to move forward.

When I am not working, I love to sing, go out to eat, travel and spend time with my two beautiful children.


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