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Women Unplugged Showcase is back on December 10, 2022 for the holidays! In January 2022, we had a successful show presenting six women who brought the venue down with top of line performances. For our December 2022 show, we have a line up of talented up&coming artists performing classic holiday jingles along with their own original music or content.


Women Unplugged Showcase is the best platform for upcoming STAR talent. Our platform gives talent the intimate space needed to emotionally connect with the audience. For this special occasion, we request that our talent perform at least one holiday piece that fits the theme of our show. 

We want to provide our audience with the best quality of entertainment. For this reason, we only accept performance tracks or live band from talent that performs to music. Each talent will need to provide a minimum ten minute set. In addition, our talent is financially compensated performing their creative skills on our platform.  





300 Village Green Circle, Smyrna,GA 30080



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Bri Feel is an American singer, songwriter, producer and event host from Columbus, GA and based in Atlanta. With several earlier releases under her belt, as a solo artist and within the groups XIV and FEEL, Bri is back and delivering several singles while she builds out her EP. Her first solo release, “85” set the tone for her solo emergence as a songstress with a strong pen and floating yet emotional vocals. The song gained momentum for Bri with a placement in Tyler Perry”s hit show “Sistas” on Bet, and it has accumulated over 500K+ streams worldwide. “Right,” her most recent single release cascades over minimal production with relatable lyrics as she demands romantic transparency. With placements on several official Spotify and Apple Music playlists, “Right” is has accumulated 1 million+ streams and counting, solidifying Bri’s position as an artist to watch in RnB.  



Esotera is an Atlanta based artist with an international sound. Reaching countries like Turkey, Romania, & South Africa, she has sounds for everyone. Her sound is inspired by all genres of music, including; dance, pop, rnb, & acoustic ballads. She uses her sound to tell stories of her life and the struggles of others that inspire her. She believes music is a spiritual connection that reminds people, we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. And the spirit needs to give and receive love. With that being said, music is her way of giving!! 



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Jhai has always been musically gifted. From a young age, she was singing, performing, and playing a variety of instruments including guitar, piano and flute. Jhai was born in Ridgewood, New Jersey and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. Growing up, she was always surrounded by music and talented musicians. These talented musicians were her family. Her father sings and plays guitar, her mother plays flute, her grandmother was the legendary Fontella Bass, whose best known for her 1965 classic hit "Rescue Me" and her grandfather was Lester Bowie, a renowned trumpeter. Music is in her blood. At the age of 11, she performed for four major record labels with a kid band called "No Broccoli". These record labels included Def Jam, Sony, Atlantic and Interscope. When she was 14, she performed on The Today Show's kid edition of "The Voice" alongside her younger sister. Now at the age of 25, she is still carrying on the legacy and is passionate about developing her technical musical skills and theoretical knowledge, and achieving the next level of success. She released her debut EP "Ethereal" in December of 2016 which was produced by her brother Gibraun a.k.a. Iso and written by herself and her cousin Niaja Henry. Today she is producing and writing her own records and pursuing her dream. "I'm determined to reach the top."



Atlanta based artist, Anima Mea, is a 22 year old singer, song writer, and producer who's love for music is only rivaled by her passion to impact lives through the power of language and storytelling. Originally a theater actress, Anima has blended her love for theatrics, classical training, and adoration for Hip-Hop and R&B into a unique sound that reflects her human experience. The songs you will enjoy tonight are from her most recent project "4 AM", which allows you to experience the progression of a restless night in the mind of an dopamine deficit over achiever. "4 AM" is available to stream exclusively on sound cloud. She would like to thank the Women Unplugged staff and collaborators for the opportunity to display her talents and tell her stories and she would like to thank every audience member for their support of this event tonight. If you would like to be apart of Anima's musical odyssey she can be found on Instagram @animaameaa. 



Twiggy Will is young, vibrant, full of life and headed for stardom! Born in Clarksville Tennessee, she has been singing since the age of 6 as a part of the church’s choir! She has recently moved to Atlanta Georgia to pursue her dreams and expand her horizons beyond what her hometown of Clarksville Tennessee has to offer.She watched her mother work extremely hard to provide for her. Twiggy’s family has been very supportive and encourages her to pursue her dreams! “Friends and Family are what motivates me most and my sister, she's my best friend. She actually gave me my nickname Twiggy!


The 2020 Pandemic is when opportunity knocked for Twiggy! It was during this time that she began a TikTok page singing her cover songs not thinking anyone would care, yet her following grew and she now has had hundreds of thousands of people like her videos! “It’s wild and I think about it everyday!”


“I hope to create experiences for people and make music that takes the pain and worries and struggles of everyday life away, if even for just a moment. I want people to take a mental second and vibe with me.” Music is the story of life and Twiggy Will has a story to tell, Stay tuned!!!



Arabiah Love is an up and coming indie & multi genre-diverse singing/musician artist based in Atlanta, GA setting a new vibrant and captivating feel to the music scene with her soothing and unique sound and visuals.
Ep in works 2022✨💓


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Lianna Mazing is a multi talented superstar on her way to the top. A self taught singer who started when she was only 4 years old, Lianna at 20 years old has grown to develop an impressive range and utilizes her ability to float between notes often. Lianna’s rich and soulful voice is largely inspired by Lauryn Hill, Whitney Houston, Beyoncé, and Keyshia Cole. Lianna is on a mission - to change the world for the better through her music, and ultimately inspire all of her listeners to be the best versions of themselves. 



Bernisha is a woman of many talents! She is a vocalist, a composer, a writer, a pianist, and a poet. At the age of six  she began singing and by 10 started playing piano. Her music has a sound of R&B, jazz, and many other genre.Bernisha is one of a kind! She is an amazing ARTIST!



Catrecia Casimire, from Columbus Ohio is a hardworking and free spirited audio engineer. She studied and graduated from the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences where she earned her certificate for Master Recording. She has worked a variety of live sound events. From outdoor concerts, jam sessions, podcasts, to church services she can do it all.


While working live events, Catrecia currently works at a studio called American Sushi Recording. On the studio's Instagram page she brings her creativity in mixing for the show Sushi for Breakfast. She assists and engineers sessions at the studio as well. Another hat that she wears is recording the podcast for Women Unplugged. She is always eager to use her skills and creativity in the audio industry.



Carla Brown has multiple years under her belt as a Master cosmetologist and makeup artist with a bachelor’s degree in fashion design and merchandising and a minor in art  creativity is who she is. Carla has a love for design whether it’s the beauty industry, fashion industry or decor. Becoming the set designer for Women Unplugged Podcast allows her to continue to bring an aesthetically pleasing vibe to the set while the strong beautiful hosts and guests bring the vibe to life.


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Quiana Bradford, was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. She graduated from Clark Atlanta University with a B.A. in Psychology. Quiana started in entertainment at an early age as a dancer and choir singer. In addition, participated in pageants, sports and her college step team. Quiana started producing after working for other promoters in Atlanta as a stage manager, event coordinator, event assistant, etc.


Quiana's first produced show was a freestyle battle rap competition which lasted four months. Later she produce a dance competition called "Can You Dance?" which was a success. In 2019, she produced a ten month music talent show called "Women Unplugged". Later in March 2020, Quiana decided to start a podcast called "Women Unplugged Podcast" which ended after its second season. Inspired by her creative projects, Quiana started her own entertainment company called Women Unplugged Entertainment LLC. Quiana aspires for her company to grow, create more magical projects and provide more opportunities for talent/creatives.

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